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California State Bar disclaimer: In accordance with the California Rules of Professional Responsibility, we note that these testimonials do not constitute a guaranty, warranty, or prediction about the outcome of your legal matters or your satisfaction with the Firm.



"We're a polyamorous three-parent family and needed a lawyer who was versed in finding a path to legal parentage for all three of us. We were nervous we wouldn't find the right person, so naturally we were thrilled to find Toby! She understood our needs completely, and we felt instantly supported and validated in our family structure. Toby navigated this tricky and relatively new terrain of the legal system so we didn't have to, and we are very happy to say that all three of us are now legal parents to our amazing three month old child. We're so grateful that Toby helped us achieve a legal status that protects and validates our unique family structure."

Caro R., Alexi G, Kipling M.

"I'm grateful for my/our lawyer, Toby Adams, Attorney at Law, who is helping us to file the divorce paperwork ... and keep moving forward in as non-confrontational a way as possible..."

Dawn D., Relationship Coach

"Toby kept me sane through a very messy divorce. I was specifically looking for a queer-friendly, disability aware lawyer and was pointed at Toby, and she was everything I'd hoped for. I'm currently hiring her again to do some documents for me, and will absolutely use her in the future for any further needs."

Diana H., Small Business Owner

"Navigating the IEP process is difficult and Toby Adams has helped our family through so many meetings. As a parent of a special needs child she brought her creativity, experience, and acted as a necessary legal advocate for me and in a non threatening way helped our district provide reasonable accommodations for our special needs child. Whether you need help with a single meeting or through an extended evaluation process she knows how to get families the help they need. I recommend her kind and authentic temperament, she is very knowledgeable and a great collaborator."
Jenne K., Parent
"I met Toby Adams while she was still in Law school, and working as legal assistant. She was excellent back then, and I'm sure she's even better now. Toby assisted me with the court paperwork needed for changing my name legally. She filled out and filed all needed documents with the court. I was informed that I might need to appear before a judge but her work was so spotless that the court approved my petition without my needing to appear. I'm am excited to hear that she has Graduated with her law degree and plan to hire her for any legal issues that may arise."
Nick B., College Student
"From a grassroots organizer to attorney, Toby has been a stalwart supporter of equal rights. She is on the right side of the law and I wholeheartedly endorse her."
Kinna Patel Crocker, Family Law Attorney
"Toby Adams is dedicated to her clients and is a great advocate. I endorse her and would refer clients to her without hesitation."
Evelyn Cox, Attorney


"Toby is a hard-working attorney with a strong commitment to social justice, and is a great facilitator and collaborator."
Anne Tamar-Mattis, Attorney
"Toby was essential in the completion of a very important project ... I was impressed by her high level of organization, efficiency and independence. I also appreciated her strong commitment to civil rights advocacy."
Alice Kessler, Attorney
"I had the privilege of working with Toby for several years... I could always count on Toby to 'dig deeper' in understanding her customers’ less obvious but critical requirements. Her attention to these details and her willingness to go the extra mile caught critical issues early ..."

Mike Landeck, CISSP


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