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Our goal is to make quality legal services available to a diverse range of people. We will work with you and your family.

Family Time


Every family has legal needs. We help both traditional and non-traditional families, and specialize in helping the LGBTQI, poly, and kink communities with alternative-family legal needs, including: Adoption, Parentage for more-than-two-parent families, Custody, Dissolution including Mediation Divorce, and other issues related to the protections needed by all families including those who may have been denied the automatic protections of civil marriage and who are facing a constantly changing legal landscape.



We have experience helping transgender, nonbinary, intersex, bisexual, pansexual, D/s, and polyamorous clients. We can handle Legal Name and Gender Change for adults or minors. We help individuals with Employment Discrimination claims on the basis of a physical or mental disability or LGBTQIA status. We are conversant in American Sign Language and have experience helping clients with Mental Health and other disabilities.

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Toby Adams has an MBA and excels at handling complicated financial disclosures in Divorce. We have experience with Property Division of stock options and restricted stock units vesting before, during, and after divorce as well as handling property division for same-sex clients who have acquired property during times when the community property laws were changing for domestic partners and those legally married in various jurisdictions. We do Estate Planning for alternative families. We are also able to assist clients with with Sole Proprietor, Corporate, and Nonprofit Business Creation.

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